Moving and Deleting Elements
To move an Element, click to select it and use your mouse (or arrow keys) to move.  To delete, select the Element and click the Delete button on the toolbar or press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Adding and Editing Text
Click inside this text box to type your own text.  Click and drag to highlight text, and press your Delete key to erase. Change the font, size and color of your text using the text toolbar above.

To add more text boxes to your page, use the "T" (text) button on the toolbar above, or click on the Text icon in the Element Palette to your left.

Resizing Elements
To change the shape of the Border Element around this text, click on the edge of the border and drag the corners to resize. You can also change the Border color. Double-click the box to change this Element's attributes in the Element Editor window.
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